Lesné hospodárstvo Inovec Corp.



The production and distribution of wood

  • The area of forests:       2234 ha

  • The average annual wood production:  14680 m3

The structure of produced wood:


Beech Oak Maple Asch Other l.t.



Other c.t.


Leafy trees (l.t.) 73% 5% 1% 2% 2%       83%
Coniferous trees (c.t.)           11% 5% 1% 17%

Sorting of wood:

  • Sorting and manipulation with wood are done on the place which has been agreed on with the customer.

The price of wood:

  • The price of wood is determined by the classification of the wood in the categories of quality and size amount of wood, loading place, and by the specific requirements of the customer.

Transport distances:

  • The maximum transport distance to public transport roads is at most 10 km via designated transport roads in the forest.

  • The maxim transport distance to the railway-station Trenčianská Turná is 12 km via public transport roads.


  • Steward: +421 908816635