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Characteristics of the hunting chase Palúch:

  • The area of the hunting chase is 2796 ha, from which 165 ha is meadow and 2631 is forest. The Palúch hunting chase listed as stag breeding area.

  • The hunting chase lies on the northwestern side of the Považský Inovec Mountain. The lowest place lies 325 m above the sea level and the highest one is 1041 m above the sea level

  • All places of the hunting chase are accessible by a cross-country motor car.

Quarry in hunting season 2014-2015:
  • Stag - 92 pieces

  • Roe deer – 29 pieces

  • Mouflon – 6 pieces

  • Wild-boar – 77 pieces, average hit rate during a collective wild-boar hunting is 6 pieces

Price list and requirements for hunting:



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