Lesné hospodárstvo Inovec Corp.



Forest nursery and forest planting


Lesné hospodárstvo Inovec Corp. company is:

  • registered producer of wood. It is enlisted in the official register ÚKSUP under the registration number SK1925

  • owner of the certificate of qualification in wood industry for companies issued by the Slovak ministry of agriculture

  • competent to issue forest licenses

Main activities:

  • gathering of fruitage and seeds of the woody species
    - the company uses registered II.B category seedling stand for spruce, beech, oak, and ash
    - in case of interest, lumbering is permitted after prior agreement

  • storage and production of forest reproductive material
    - production of seedlings takes place in our registered forest nursery (area of 0,5 ha)

  • trade in forest reproductive material

Current price list of services and goods:



  • Silviculturist: +421 908816635